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Flea Control Tulsa

Fleas are a threat to your pet’s life. They can even make animals miserable because of their persistence. Fleas spread diseases and they feed on your pet’s blood. What’s more, they are notoriously hard to eliminate and a professional flea exterminator still has to go through four flea control stages to achieve optimum results. Each flea control stage also requires the flea exterminator to exert a lot of effort. As much as possible, you should only hire a flea exterminator that you trust because you need the flea control treatments to work since you are dishing out your hard-earned money.

Understanding Fleas and Flea Control Services

There are so many different kinds of flea species and most of them are labeled basing on their favorite targets including cat fleas, human fleas, and dog fleas. Despite their names, fleas do not discriminate. These parasites will suck any blood that they can. As soon as they have established themselves in a particular area, they will require extensive methods to eliminate them. If you have a dog or a cat, your best defense is to formulate a good offense with the help of a flea exterminator. If there is already a flea infestation in your home, do not waste your money by buying sprays and foggers. They will only provide you with temporary relief. Call Father & Son Pest Control’s service hotline immediately so they can send you some of the best flea control specialists in the country.

Flea Control

Flea Inspection and Flea Extermination Services

Fleas can adapt to any climate which means they can thrive anywhere in the world. They will infest your home, and re-infest as soon as you are done with the treatment. This is why flea control requires the technicians and homeowners to take a more comprehensive approach to an infestation. Below are the key elements that Father & Son Pest Control includes in their services:

  • A thorough inspection of your property
  • The formulation of a control and treatment plan
  • The application of insecticides including growth regulators that can disrupt a pupa/larva/egg/adult life cycle
  • If the pet is present, frequent brushing and weekly baths to ensure the removal of fleas, larvae, pupa, and eggs from the pet
  • Daily vacuuming of furniture and carpeting with extra attention and care to the pet’s bedding and favorite spots
  • Repeat visits so flea populations lose breeding momentum

Flea Control

Fleas won’t just make your pet’s life miserable but they can also make yours equally stressful. It is always best that you treat a flea infestation incessantly and you can start by calling Father & Son Pest Control’s service hotline. Father & Son Pest Control has been providing help and assistance to homeowners with their effective pest treatment and control solutions. Their services are a combination of know-how, experience, and hard work.

There is a reason why they are one of the most trusted pest control companies in the country. They do not stop treating your home unless you are 100% happy and satisfied with the results. The flea exterminators of Father & Son Pest Control genuinely care about you and your pet’s health and well-being. Father & Son Pest Control aims to safeguard families and pets from the dangers of pests so call them today and help them achieve their goal.

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